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Love Your Fellow Jew

On Wednesday, a young Israeli couple was driving from San Diego to Las Vegas and got in a terrible car crash in Wildomar (15 @ Clinton Keith). I was called shortly after and arrived at the hospital while the girl was still in surgery. She broke her neck and spine and the doctors were rebuilding it. Please say a  prayer  for Nava bat Simcha Mimi. Our  JLI  class that night was also in the merit of her recovery. I’m not telling you this story to gossip about someone else’s misfortune. It’s to tell you how wonderful our community is. And what it means to love a fellow Jew. After a long day and just finishing cleaning up dinner, Natanya made a second dinner for the family. That’s love for a fellow Jew. I then called a doctor friend who is the head at a nearby hospital and asked if she has any connections that might help Nava get the best care. She visited herself!! Even though it’s not her hospital! Even though she never met her! This is loving a fellow Jew. Yesterday, I started getting ca