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When will it be ok?

  When will it be ok?  That is the question that I keep asking myself.  I'm sure that just like I have things in my life that need to be worked out, you do too.  I found the answer in this weeks Torah portion, which finishes off the fourth book of Bamidbar (Numbers).  I hope you can make it for this special service (and the class in the morning where we'll talk more about it.) This week's Torah portion lists all 42 "journeys" of the Jews  leaving Egypt .  The famous question is asked, that it only took one journey to get out of Egypt.  Why are all 42 camps listed as the journeys of the Jews leaving Egypt?  The answer is given that we have to understand what Egypt means.  The Hebrew word for Egypt (Mitzrayim-מצרים) is the same word as boundaries, or limitations.  We all have our boundaries that hold us back from being the people we really want to be, and we are all trying to leave our personal Egypt.  While the breakthrough of leaving the country of Egypt is a big