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Do you appreciate feedback? How about criticism?

Do you appreciate feedback?  Do you promote a culture of truth in your circles?  How about criticism? Basically this is how life works:  we all have things about us that we're blind to. Not just shortcomings.  I'm talking about areas that we don't see about ourselves.  Some people can't answer questions straight.  Some people can't finish their sentences.  Some people come across as rude, angry, uninterested or cruel, and they just don't see it!  Some people come across as very anxious.  They look paranoid and get overwhelmed very easily.  We may halfheartedly pledge allegiance to some shortcoming, but in truth have no clue about this part of ourselves. Parenthetically, or maybe not parenthetically, this blind spot will become exacerbated as the pressures of life (marriage, children, money) kick in.  When you're super stressed, overwhelmed or angry, you'll be completely blind to yourself and say and do really stupid things, that you just don't realiz

Which Kind of Family Are You From?

Which kind of family are you from?  I bring up this issue now because almost a week ago, eleven of our brothers and sisters were murdered in cold blood.  Naturally, as family, we think of each other and turn to each other for support.  I've received a flood of emails this week from the Jewish and non-Jewish community alike, in an out pour of love and care.  People thanked us for being here, expressing their concerns and renewed their commitment to the community by offering to help.  My neighbor let me know that he's keeping in eye out for us and that he has my back, as well a visit from the police department, just to let us know that they care.  This was truly a week of unity.  Facebook posts were circulating, about the words of this monster.  As he stormed the Tree of Life, he declared, "All Jews must die".  Tiferes pointed out that he didn't single out conservative, orthodox or reform Jews, and instead declared that we all deserve to die. At the same time, howev