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Yom Kippur: Day of I'm Sorry, Day of Unconditional Acceptance, Day of Sensitivity

Yom Kippur 2018 - Three Sermons Day of I'm Sorry, Day of Unconditional Acceptance, Day of Sensitivity Sermon 1 - Day of I’m Sorry Based on Likutei Sichos vol. 4 page 1150 note 8 & Derech mitzvosecha מצות וידוי ותשובה  Joke: Spotted Owl Next case, Mr. John Smith vs. State of California.   The judge looks at the case and turns to Mr. Smith.   “Mr. Smith, you are accused of hunting the endangered spotted owl.   What do you have to say for yourself?” “Guilty, with an explanation your honor.” “Let me hear” says the judge. “Well you see your honor, I was on a camping trip and lost my way.   I was wondering about the forest for two days without anything to eat.   I was beginning to fear for my life, took my rifle, and shot the first thing I could see.” “Case dismissed”, says the judge.   “Let it be known that this court combines mercy with justice.” As the court begins to empty, the judge calls over Mr. Smith. “Mr. Smith,” “As an avid hunter I’ve alwa

SALE: G-d 50% off!

Did that subject line seem a bit off?  It may not be the way we usually think, but it's true.  The Talmud teaches, "Seek out G-d when He is close- these are the 10 days from Rosh Hashanah until Yom Kippur."  Sure G-d is always there and accessible.  We pray three times a day and are in constant contact with Him, but something is different in these ten days. A couple days ago, I saw a couple minute clip of Robin Williams from 30 years ago on a late night TV show.  He was obviously very funny, but one of his jokes kinda struck me.  He was poking fun at how the priests can't even save the flower on the lapel of their jackets, but claim they can save you! It sounds funny, and G-d is an easy target of cynical jokes, but in hindsight we know how meaningful & happy his life was without G-d.  (For us poor people, we can last longer without Him, but the rich guys' only chance at happiness is G-d) The reason why G-d is such an easy target is because we can't see Him