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Thoughts on AI (ChatGPT)

A few years ago in conversation, a smart and educated person critiqued all the talk about the latest advancements and their relationship to Moshiach. He claimed that in the past 300 years since the industrial revolution, the world hasn't made any really "game changing" inventions. We've perfected the machines and become more efficient, but even the internet pales in comparison to things like machines, running water, real medicine etc. The answer to that may be unfolding as we speak.  The two most promising inventions that could be transformative like the inventions of old are in beta as we speak. A couple months ago I wrote to you about how the "cold fusion" breakthrough could be the start of the "energy revolution". AI may be the next stage in the “information revolution” (the beginning was perhaps the internet).  They've released Chat GPT, which is just a tiny taste of artificial intelligence capabilities. This AI bot can pass medical exams,

Matzah Meditation Part Two

When G-d told Moses of His plan to redeem the Jews from Egypt, it was with the expressed purpose, “So that they will serve Me on the mountain (Mt. Sinai).” The Exodus was not just about freedom from slavery, it was about freedom from purposelessness.  G-d wanted to give us the Torah. But to be worthy of receiving the gift of G-d’s infinite wisdom, we needed to up our game. As the matzah mediation taught us, the beginning of freedom is tough and tasteless.   “It’s easy to take the slave from slavery, but it’s not easy to take the slavery from the slave.” And this is why G-d gave us the mitzvah to “Count the Omer”.  These 49 days from the Exodus until Shavuos (the holiday celebrating the giving of the Torah) are days to reflect on becoming a refined person (as the post counting prayer mentions the different character traits and how we learn another one each day). So it’s three stages: Passover- We work on becoming free (in a tasteless way) Omer counting- We work on fitting into the shoes

Matzah Meditation

  “Tatty, if Pesach is the holiday of freedom, why do we eat food that tastes like slavery? (some say that Shmurah matzah tastes like a cardboard box). The answer to this thoughtful question of my daughter is a meditation that many people have found to be meaningful. But first, a little intro: Eating matzah on the first night of Passover is a mitzvah, commandment from G-d. A mitzvah is a physical action that G-d gave us Jewish people as a gift, and if done according to His “parameters” can channel G-d’s infinite light into this material word, to make it a bit holier. It’s like typing a URL or dialing a phone number. One digit off and you don’t reach your intended destination. Here are some parameters to make the Matzah Mitzvah work: Eat it on  first night of Passover After sundown   At least the  size of a full-size olive  (approximately 30 grams). Eat the matzah  by itself  (no salt, butter, honey, matzah brei, cheese, hamburger & ketchup etc.) It’s  best  to fulfill the mitzvah w