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Rabbi Ezra Schochet

Two events happened that really made me think about life and what I’m doing with it. There is a famous story of the Alter Rebbe (founder of Chabad cir. 1800). He was imprisoned by the Russians for anti-government activity (sending money to poor Jews in Turkey-occupied Israel). During interrogations, one of the interrogators, who was well versed in the Bible asked, “In Genesis, after Adam and Eve ate from the fruit, G-d asked, “Where are you?” Didn’t G-d know where Adam was without asking?” After giving the simple explanation from Rashi, the Alter Rebbe continued, “When a Jew, X amount of years old (and he named the exact age of the interrogator), G-d askes him, “Where are you in life?” What have you accomplished? What are you making of yourself? Celebrating the Bas Mitzvah of our daughter, Chanaleh, is a big milestone. Until now, I’ve celebrated my own milestones, including marriage, birth of children, thank G-d etc. But this is different. My daughter is entering her teen years. This i