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Rambam on Neighbors

  We came to Temecula thinking we're here to serve the community, and then we realized that we need to build the Jewish community.  We sought out a piece of land to build a shul, which is now turning into a campus (check out updates on Facebook  here ).  Now we're working on something bigger than our campus, and even more important:  building a  Jewish neighborhood .  We were hoping to get some financial incentive from the developers to find homebuyers for them, but they don't need our help running their business.  We still decided that even without financial incentive, the opportunity to build a Jewish neighborhood is too important to forego. Please click  here  to read a chapter of Rambam (Maimonides) on the topic of neighbors (it's not that long and well worth the read).  Living in close proximity to other Jews is an amazing thing, something which I never even dreamed of a couple years ago.  This is not about Chabad, it's about Jewish life in Temecula.  LA and Sa