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I Love You

This week, a local friend sent me a WSJ   article   he found enlightening, entitled, “Chabad Ministers to Jews of no Religion”. I highly suggest you   read it . One of the most ironic things that the article doesn’t address, is how the least religious demographics within the Jewish people are engaging with the most “orthodox” group. Interesting, isn’t it? I think the reason is related to another question I have about one of the Rebbe’s 10 mitzvah campaigns. Most of the campaigns are easily actionable mitzvahs. For men to put on tefillin, and for women to light candles on Friday night are clear-cut campaigns, and are easily measurable. Just count how many men put on Tefilllin, and how many women lit Shabbos candles. The campaign “To love your fellow Jew”, which is one of the 613 commandments, is important, but how do you do it? How can you measure it? I’ve thought long and hard about this, and may have come up with the answer which might already be obvious to you. Loving your fellow is

G-d Needs You

  Rosh Hashanah is just a couple weeks away (September 7 & 8). We reserved a great venue. You can be G-d's hero.  In the Rosh Hashanah prayer book, we call G-d, "King of the universe".  Being a king is complicated.  A king is the most powerful in the kingdom, so he's on the top.  But all his power comes from the people.  As the Talmud says, "Without a people, there's no king". So he's on the bottom. You might even say, "G-d needs YOU in order to be King of the universe." How can you help out G-d? The shofar is His trumpet coronation ceremony. To show you want Him as your King. It only takes a couple minutes.   The long service isn't as important. So we have two shofar services.  (11 AM & 4 PM) And we also have a full service. (9:30 AM) If you can't make any of them, you can stop by our house and we'll give you a personal mini-service. Please click this link to see the full schedule & RSVP now. Shabbat Shalom, Yonasan