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Mezuzah Miracle

  The Roving Rabbi’s have been working overtime. And touching peoples hearts. Here’s one really cool story: A couple days ago, they put up a mezuzah on Sam’s door. Even though money was tight, Sam wanted to pay for the mezuzah himself (they aren’t cheap either). Sam was actually in between jobs. He was looking into a certain trade, But getting started is always hard. And he needed someone to teach him the ropes. The next day (yesterday), Sam came to minyan (we’ve been having every day this week). After the minyan, I introduced Sam to Josh, who’s also in that trade. Within 5 minutes, Sam landed a job starting next week. Josh just lost a key employee and was desperately looking for someone to train and hire. And he has all the equipment. It’s so cool to see these miracles happen right in front of your eyes.

Why do we need a Rebbe?

  The anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing is a big deal. Natanya & I work for the Rebbe. But it’s more than that. Much more. Even before we became his Shluchim (agents), We were Chassidim of the Rebbe (“followers” for lack of a better word) But it’s much more than that too. A Rebbe isn’t just another Rabbi. A Rebbe is the “Moses of the generation”. So that means Moses was the first Rebbe. And every single generation since has had a Rebbe. We know that Mordechai was the “Moses of his generation” (Zohar). I think the Rambam was the Moses of his generation (look up his epitaph). So, who was Moses? Clearly he was pretty important. He is mentioned in every single Torah portion after his birth.* He was a leader. And a prophet. And a redeemer. But that’s not what made him “Moses”. Moses was the “ head  of the Jewish people” And the Jewish people were his feet. What is a “head”? The body has many individual parts. But the head  feels  all of them. And  controls  all of them. Without the hea