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The Sweetest Birthday of my Life

Yesterday was my birthday. And it was the sweetest one I ever had. Usually my birthday is very stressful. Being two days after Passover, it usually coincides with an avalanche of work that had been piling up for 10 days and major Passover cleanup (boxing up an entire kitchen and moving it back to the garage is just the tip of the iceberg) This year it was sweet. I don’t need big parties. And I don’t really like presents. So she encouraged our children to give me spiritual gifts and blessings. They blessed me to “pass all the inspections, not have gout, do mitzvahs, bring moshiach, have nachas from my children and build the property before Chanaleh’s Bat Mitzvah (10 months from now). For my birthday gift, they resolved to “learn 35 verses of Torah by heart, pray on days with no school, say Shema in bed every night and make sure to give tzedakah every day”. These are the sweetest gifts I’ve ever received. And Natanya sent an additional trickle of sweetness throughout the day in a way tha