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"Bill of Responsibilities" & Economics

  The big political debate in economics is how involved the government should be in getting important things done. One school of thought (libertarian) is that government is only here to protect our rights, and shouldn’t do anything other than that. The free market and capitalism will take care of the rest. The other school of thought (progressive), is that raw capitalism is like a jungle, where the strongest wins, and the government should take the lead in big & bold initiatives, like fighting poverty, protecting our environment and ensuring public safety. Government only gets involved because capitalism failed to solve those problems. The other side argues that government only messes things up and doesn’t solve problems. Nonprofits, fueled by the free market, can solve the same problems government tries to solve more efficiently, without infringing on the rights of it’s citizens. The other side will argue that some problems are too big for nonprofits to solve. Look at the tremendo