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Becoming "Perfect"

  Mazal Tov.  We are proud to announce that the new addition to the Abrams family had a bris and his name is Levi Yitzchak Abrams.  A second Temecula family also had a bris this week.  Adam Diamond, who has been in camp back in NY for the past month and a half was circumcised in the hospital and never had the traditional service.  Even though you can only cut the foreskin off once, the tradition for those that didn't have a proper bris to draw a tiny bit of blood and do the ritual.  We are so proud of Adam (I feel like he's my own son) and look forward to having him back this week.  He took the Hebrew name Adam Menachem Mendel.   Jewish philosophers have asked why, if G-d wants us to be circumcised, and the "perfect" male body is without the foreskin, did he create us with it in the first place?!   They answer that it's a lesson.  Life has two elements: (1) physical (2) spiritual.   Just like a person physically comes out in a way that the perfection isn't aut