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Rabbi Hurwitz is in NY

  Finally, I've gotten a bit of writing spirit back in me, and put together what I think is a nice piece (for two weeks actually).  Then I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz.  For those who have been keeping tabs on the family, Rabbi Yitzi has made the unbelievable travel to NY to celebrate his youngest son, Sholom's, bar mitvah.  Mazal tov Rabbi Hurwitz, Dina and Sholom! It is a dangerous journey for a man on a ventilator but he urged his family "We can't be so busy staying alive that we're not living."  To read the full article, see  here  or continue reading. Rabbi Isaac Hurwitz is as much a rock star as a Hasidic Jew can be. He writes regular Torah commentary for L’Chaim , a weekly newsletter distributed to schools and shuls run by the Orthodox Jewish movement Chabad. One of his songs was made into a widely shared YouTube music video. Rabbi Yitzi, as he’s known, also runs a marriage blog that advises men how to be better l