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What is "belief in G-d"?

“Do you believe in G-d?” Most people think the answer to this question is either “yes” or “no”. Some people may go back and forth as to what their answer is.  “Yesterday I believed in G-d, but today…” It’s as if belief is something you have to vote on, either check “Yes I believe” or “No, I don’t believe”. If someone believes in G-d while everything is good, but then doesn’t believe in G-d when bad things happen, or vice versa, what does that say about their belief when they were a “believer”? The truth is that belief in G-d is a spectrum.  It’s a muscle, that can be strengthened or weakened. Let me illustrate this with a teaching from the Talmud: “Getting angry is like bowing down to an idol” Anger=Idolatry?!  What does that mean? The answer is very simple:  If a person really believes in a G-d worth believing in, how could they get angry?  Isn’t everything in the hands of G-d?  Doesn’t G-d have my best interest in mind?  Doesn’t G-d have the ability to give me what’s good? Of course,