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Poem about Torah

Here is a story that happened to me,While I was still swimming in my mother’s tummy.An angel, a malach, came over to me,And taught me the Torah from Aleph to Z.But then he tapped me so hard on my nose,And I felt it all leave from my head through my toes.I forgot all the Torah that he had taught to me,And just then I popped out of mommy’s tummy.
For years, it bothered me.  Why did all that Torah flee?
Then one day while walking I saw an old man.Can I ask you a question, and he said, yes you can.So I asked the old man who seemed so soft and kind,Why did the Torah disappear from my mind?And if all that Torah I had to forget,Why did they teach me from the onset?
The old man looked down at me with a smile,To explain this one, he said, will take quite a while.
Because of your parents love and care.Most things that they have they will certainly share,But some things they won’t, like a diamond or a gem,They won’t let anyone get close to them.Our father, Hashem, is the King of the Kings,His treasu…