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I Am Jealous Of The Jews...

In our past 7 years (yes, Rosh Hashanah will be seven years!) I’ve received hundreds of requests for Jewish conversions. From all of them, only a couple have come back for a second conversation, and to date, none have completed the process. You see, gentiles have a purpose (make the world a  good  place) and Jews have a purpose (make the world a  holy  place). And gentiles don’t need to become Jewish to fulfill their purpose. Almost a year ago, we met a couple who was interested in converting. I gave them the regular shpiel. Like some of the candidates, they started attending classes and became more involved. A couple days ago, they came to pick up High Holiday care packages and deliver them to the Jews of Hemet. That’s when they told me that they just sold their house and are moving to LA. “We really want to convert, and know that we can only do it properly if we live in a strong Jewish community”. I was shocked. A family just sold their beautiful home which they own, just to rent a s