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Temecula Community?

For the past six years, Natanya and I have been searching for the recipe to build a community. We’ve tried many things: large events, intimate events, minyans, community meals, Jewish Business Networking meetings, introducing people to each another, among other things. Our success in community building thus far has been limited, but I think we may have cracked the code a few weeks ago. Sometimes we wondered if our mission even includes building a community. Chabad has 6,300 rabbis across the globe, and no two are the same. Each Chabad is locally managed and funded, and adapt to the needs and dynamics of the cities they live in. Some Chabad's have large and very interconnected communities, and some, even after many decades on the job, continue to do the amazing work of reaching out to one Jew at a time, without ever building a community. Speaking of which, what does community actually mean? I’ve been taught that the Jewish people are like one body, each Jew being an individual body