I Really Mean You!

The Great Lag Baomer Parade in NY was absolutely fantastic! It was a lot to schlep the whole family, but it was totally worth it.

When we returned, I spoke with Ron. He asked about the parade, and I invited him to come with me to NY another time, which he immediately jumped on with excitement.

I asked him why he didn’t come with us for Lag Baomer, to which he responded, “I wasn’t sure if I was invited”.

I told him that we really wanted to bring a Temecula delegation with us, referencing my email asking the community to join us, and showed him my to-do list, highlighting “bring group” for Lag Baomer. It really was a priority to bring a group with us.

It was my intention to call everyone I thought might like to join, but I really am busy and sometimes proactive one on one communication just doesn’t happen, even though I really want it to.  Just like I wrote this email last Wednesday, but got interrupted and only am sending it now…

What I want you to know is that whenever I write, “you are invited” I really mean you and I really mean that you’re invited.

Obviously, there is no comparison between me and the Rebbe, but over the years, as the Rebbe became more sought after and busy, had had to limit some of the personal interactions he had.

In the early years, the Rebbe would officiate weddings. At a certain point, his schedule didn’t allow for that anymore, but he encouraged people to continue having their weddings right outside his office, so he could participate at least in that way.

People complained, but the Rebbe reassured them that you have the same me, and “when I lift up my head to listen to the wedding blessings, I am there.”

Twenty years later he stopped giving private audiences, but replaced it with “dollars” (the Rebbe would give out a dollar to anyone who came after services on Sunday, and would give them a blessing). Instead of a 5 minute audience, most people would only get a 5 second interaction, but the Rebbe assured us that “it’s the same me.”

I hope that my schedule allows me to reach out in a more personal way, but I want you to know that whenever a volunteer brings you a gift, or when you receive an invitation, or an email, it really is from my heart and I really personally mean you.


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