A Happy & Kosher Pesach

Tonight we’ll eat matzah, read the Hagaddah and tell the story of the slavery & exodus from Egypt.

We will read, “In every single generation they rise up to destroy us, but G-d saves us from their hands.”

I grew up in generation that said “never again”.  It was peaceful, and while I heard stories from my friends parents and grandparents of antisemitism & the Holocaust, I never experienced it myself.

It was as if antisemitism was a thing of the past and people became sophisticated enough to move on.  

For the past seven months, this line in the Hagaddah has kept popping into my head.  No amounts of marches, monuments, lectures and rallies will rid the world of antisemitism until Moshiach comes.  I’ve come to trust in G-d & the Torah, not the promises of politicians and secularism.

On other hand, just because antisemitism isn’t disappearing so fast, it’s not a reason to worry. The second half of the sentence clarifies that while in every generation until Moshiach comes, they will try and destroy us, but “G-d saves us from their hands.”


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