I’ll be totally open with you.  It’s been a struggle to stay focused, productive and do what I know needs to be done more than ever.  Israel needs our spiritual ammunition, and Temecula needs our outreach, but paralysis is plaguing me.

Every year we read in the Passover Hagaddah, “In every generation, [our enemies] stand up to annihilate us, and G-d saves us from their hands.”

What’s happened this past week has been scary.  If it’s not enough that we’re mourning our butchered brothers and sisters, worried about our hostages, thinking about my sister Rivkah, this week added insult to injury.

The bias in the news has been scary.  The overwhelming public support AGAINST the Jewish people has been harrowing.

“But G-d saves us from their hands”.  And this will happen again, just like it has for the past 4,000 years.

History has proven that despite the sinister efforts of mighty nations, they are gone and we stand strong.  The Torah is a “tree of life” to those who hold strong.

As hard as it is to focus, we must continue and strengthen ourselves, our identity as Jews, and our actions.

We can pray for the soldiers, the hostages, the wounded, and all of our brothers and sisters in danger.

We can do mitzvos in their merit - lighting Shabbos candles, putting on tefillin, putting up a mezuzah, and giving extra tzedakah to name but a few.

We can strengthen our faith in G-d and do our best to remain joyous as it says that “joy breaks all barriers”.

They tried forcing our heads down.  We will stand prouder and stronger than ever.

Am Yisrael Chai. The nation of Israel lives!


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