Israel & Antisemitism

At first glance it seems like we’re in uncharted territory.  Domestically Israel is amazingly united at levels never seen before.  But outside of Israel the issue of Israel has unfortunately become subject to political teams and identities.  And we’re seeing the unmasking of overt antisemitism that has not been seen since the Holocaust.  Even people 80 years old have never seen this before.  

What should we do?  What is my place?  How can I help?

Every year, we read in the Hagaddah, “In every generation, they [the enemies of Israel] stand up to annihilate us, and G-d saves us from their hands.”

Two immediate lessons from this passage are:

  • Antisemitism is not new (every generation…)

  • It will all end ok (G-d saves us from their hands…)

Additionally, the Rebbe gave guidance both during the Holocaust and also spoke at great length about Israel.

We cannot control what other people think about us.  Appeasing, explaining or hiding our Judaism will not change the minds and hearts of antisemites.  The call of the hour is to strengthen Judaism while standing tall and proud.

We need to increase our mitzvahs, Torah study and trust in G-d.  Of course buy a gun if you think you need one for protection, but don’t get obsessed with it.  G-d will take care of the Jewish people, and will take care of me and you.

Of course I have strong opinions about what’s going on in Israel and abroad, but my opinion doesn’t really matter much.  

Hopefully, we can all agree that adding Torah and mitzvos in honor of our brothers and sisters in Israel and abroad will bring blessings to all Jews (and gentiles for that matter).


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