Fusion Breakthrough

This past week on Tuesday, two major things happened in the world.

One of them scientific and one of them spiritual.

The Rebbe taught us that science & spirituality come together. He spoke about how the industrial revolution happened at the same time the Baal Shem Tov, Maggid of Mezritch and the Alter Rebbe started revealing Chassidus (the secrets of Torah) around 1760-1812.

This week, a major scientific breakthrough was announced on Yud Tes Kislev, the Rosh Hashanah of Chassidus.

For the first time, they were able to create a net energy gain on a nuclear fusion reaction.

I’m no scientist, but my layman understanding is that by fusing two atoms into one, a tremendous amount of energy is released (nuclear fusion is the type of reaction that powers the sun).

This breakthrough is Messianic. It will lead the path to virtually a limitless supply of cheap & clean energy. Once this science is refined and the infrastructure is built for commercial use, one cup of hydrogen (the most abundant element on earth) could power a house for hundreds of years.

Think about an energy bill of $1 per month, international flights for $20 and never thinking twice about turning on the AC or heat because of cost.

Of course it will take time.

The first computers in the 1960’s cost tens of millions of dollars, filled up giant rooms, and couldn’t even do 1% of what a $20 used iPhone can do today.

But it was the beginning. And this is too.

We are living through amazing times, and G-d is stealthily transforming the world with amazing positive change and we don’t even notice because of the media and social media distractions which He uses as cover.

On a more specific note, the Rebbe spoke about how through the years, science has changed and shifted focus from a fascination with diversity & plurality to oneness.

It used to be all about finding more animals, plants, minerals and elements.

Now it’s about the power of ONE atom.

And the “infinity of one”, as I like to call it, is directly related to the ONEness of Hashem, G-d. The world is coming to see how the whole world is not just billions and trillions of independent “stuff”. It is all really part of Hashem and His Oneness.

In the nuclear science of the infinity of one, there are two methods: (1) Fission- splitting one atom into two and (2) Fusion- merging two atoms into one.

A colleague of mine (Rabbi Mendy Kaminker in Hackensack, NJ) found the connection to human nature.

The power of division- Fission, political polarization, judgement etc. Indeed this is very powerful. It motivates people. But it’s byproduct is toxic, radioactive waste.

Now we’re making breakthroughs with the power of connection- Fusion, inclusion, non-judgmentalism.

And this is the real messianic atomic energy (as a note, even the H bombs, which use fusion energy, are triggered by a fission reaction. This breakthrough is solely using fusion, with lasers).

What an appropriate breakthrough for a year of Hakhel, the year of gathering.


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