Why do we need a Rebbe?


The anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing is a big deal.

Natanya & I work for the Rebbe.

But it’s more than that.

Much more.

Even before we became his Shluchim (agents),

We were Chassidim of the Rebbe (“followers” for lack of a better word)

But it’s much more than that too.

A Rebbe isn’t just another Rabbi.

A Rebbe is the “Moses of the generation”.

So that means Moses was the first Rebbe.

And every single generation since has had a Rebbe.

We know that Mordechai was the “Moses of his generation” (Zohar).

I think the Rambam was the Moses of his generation (look up his epitaph).

So, who was Moses?

Clearly he was pretty important.

He is mentioned in every single Torah portion after his birth.*

He was a leader.

And a prophet.

And a redeemer.

But that’s not what made him “Moses”.

Moses was the “head of the Jewish people”

And the Jewish people were his feet.

What is a “head”?

The body has many individual parts.

But the head feels all of them.

And controls all of them.

Without the head,

Each individual body part would be randomly doing “stuff”.

And not be very productive.

The head coordinates all of them.

And knows the mission of each body part.

To bring the best out in them.

Moses is the same.

Moses knows every Jew.

And feels every Jew.

And cares about every Jew.

And brings out the best in every Jew.

If you’ve heard stories of the Rebbe,

This is the running theme throughout all of them.

Whether the Rebbe sent a shliach to an isolated city in Alaska just at the right time.

Or gave a blessing to save a life.

Or stayed up all night to guide anyone who wanted.

Or stood all day to receive them, and give a dollar.

The Rebbe’s vision and life mission was and still is to reach every single Jew.

And help them find their purpose.

So they aren’t just randomly doing “stuff”.

Even if it’s good stuff.

And his vision was global too.

The sum total of every Jew and gentile fulfilling their individual purpose.

Is moshiach.

And this is the answer why we don’t need a new Rebbe.

The Rebbe’s vision is as clear as it ever was.

And he is doing his work now more than he ever was.

Even death can’t stop him.

How does he do it?

Through his agents (shluchim).

And the Torah he taught.

Which is still being processed 30 years later!

He gave us the tools.

And believes in us.

And just like no one would replace their mother or father.

We don’t need to replace our Rebbe.

We are still his generation.

And he promised us that our generation is the generation of Moshiach.

And that we will succeed in making the world a good and holy place.

On our own.

Without a “Messiah Bailout”.

And this is how we can help the Rebbe.

Just like the feet can help the head.

As powerful and important as the head is.

It can’t go anywhere or do anything without the body.

So when we allow the Rebbe to guide us.

And bring out the best in us.

We actually help him!

And what a tremendous honor that is.

Let’s reflect on how we can accept the Rebbe’s love.

Become better chassidim of the “Moses of our generation”

And make ourselves the best humans and Jews we can be.

Fulfilling the purpose for which G-d put our soul in this world.


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