Walt Disney & the Rebbe


I stopped by my uncles office yesterday.

We had a good schmooze.

I showed him the building presentation.

It reminded him of Disney.

So he told me a story.

Walt Disney (who was a virulent anti-Semite) purchased 100 acres in the 1950’s to build Disneyland.

He didn’t have the buying power.

But he had a vision.

So he reluctantly took on partners to make it happen.

He got enough “no’s” in the process to make anyone depressed.

But in 1955, he opened Disneyland.

But from the get go, he wasn’t satisfied with it.

His vision was much bigger.

His next move was to purchase 42 square MILES in Florida to become Disney World.

And Disney World opened its doors in 1971.

But Walt Disney died before Disney World was finished.

In an interview with his brother, a reporter remarked, “It’s so sad that your brother, Walt, never lived to see the finished product.”

To which he replied, “You don’t understand. The reason why this was built is because Walt saw the finished product 20 years ago!”

Vision is a big deal.

I have my little vision for Temecula.

But it’s not really mine.

It’s the Rebbe’s vision.

The Rebbe has a BIG vision for the whole world.

Including Temecula.

“Since I was three years old, I dreamed of what the world will look like when Moshiach comes.”

That quote is from the Rebbe.

His vision is the world becoming a perfect place.

Without miracles per se.

Humanity will make it perfect “on their own”.

The Jews have their part.

And the gentiles have their part.

As for me and you.

We have our work cut out for us.

To make Temecula a perfect place.

This campus is a good start.

But the vision is much, much bigger.

Even in Temecula.

We just printed 100 copies of the presentation.

I would be honored to share one with you.

Just ask, and we’ll schedule a time.

Rabbi Abrams

P.S. We’ve been challenged to find 20 new members to our Chai Club by next week. If we succeed, we’ll get a $1,000 grant. (need to be $36/mo and above).

Can you help us succeed? Sign up at jewishtemecula.com/chai


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