New Building Is Complete!

Natanya & I are still on a high from the outpouring of love we received from the community. Thank you so much! You don’t know how meaningful your support is to us. You’ve told how much you love us, and we love you too.

Now is time for action.

Purim is around the corner & we have some very special Purim baskets in the works. Thanks to you, more Jews than ever will receive a Purim basket this year.

On that note, do you have a Jewish friend who would appreciate the Purim gift? With their permission, please sign them up at (If you haven’t been receiving these gifts, please sign yourself up! It wasn’t on purpose)

As for the new building, it’s finished.

But probably not like you’re thinking, though.

It’s kind of like the Temple (in Jerusalem).

The prophets declared that the Temple is built and ready in heaven, and will come down from heaven when Moshiach comes.

I never really understood what that meant. It sounds like a fairytale or special effects from a movie.

Is it meant to be real?

If it is real, what’s the point of telling us? How will knowing this make me a better person?

Now that our building is finished, I think I understand.

It hasn’t yet manifested into this physical world yet, but it’s finished.

After almost three years working on this property, we finally have a presentation that communicates our vision in a way that words alone just can’t.

The level of detail is unbelievable. And every inch is an expression of a deep vision on conviction of what Judaism in Temecula can be.

It’s not for publication yet, but you can request a “private viewing”.

Then you’ll get it.

The Temple is built and ready, waiting for us.

Once we are ready to live the wonderful Messianic life, the Temple will manifest in this physical world in its full beauty. Knowing that it’s finished, and opening our eyes to the vision of Moshiach, is the biggest motivator to prepare ourselves for Moshiach by learning more Torah & doing more practical mitzvos, so this amazing reality can manifest in the physical world.

I understood this much deeper after seeing the Jewish Campus of Temecula “built and ready,” in the digital world.

Once we are ready, it will manifest into one of the most magnificent shuls on the face of the planet.

And seeing it in this finished state motives me (and hopefully you) to take the practical steps necessary to make it manifest in the physical world sooner.

Even sooner than you think.

Rabbi Abrams


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