On Race & Riots

After the holiday was over last night, we opened our tech devices to the disturbing reality of violent riots which have been erupting all over the nation.  George Floyd clearly was abused and murdered by a rotten cop, and we all feel it's right that he's being tried for murder.

Chabad knows the pain of this racial divide well.  You may have heard of the Crown Heights riots, in which a Jewish car driver got into a collision, and a young black boy was killed.  For the next three days, rioters wreaked havoc, destroying, looting, and stabbing a yeshiva student to death (with a couple cold blooded murders in the following weeks). 

I would like you to watch two videos of the Rebbe with then Mayor David Dinkins (the only black NYC mayor to date), and you might want to watch them a few times, to catch the Rebbe's subtle but strong point.  Here's video one, which was taken just two days after the Crown Heights Riots in which the yeshiva boy was stabbed to death, and here's video two, which was taken while he was campaigning for elections.

In both videos, the Rebbe made the same point, but it was stronger and more pronounced in the second video.  Make sure to see the second clip after 2:20. 

In my opinion, it is a very novel approach, which has not yet been adopted by any politicians, media or activists as of yet.  Let me know if you catch it, and maybe we can spread this message to the world and bring true "healing and justice" to our country.

Rabbi Abrams 


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