Men Are Becoming Obsolete

So, why are men becoming obsolete?  It starts with Adam and Eve.  After they ate from the tree of knowledge, Eve was cursed that "your husband will rule over you."  Like it or not, this has been the reality for millennia.  The messianic prophecy however is that נקבה תסובב גבר, women will become "more important" than men. 

Indeed, in the past few decades, the women's lib movement has helped women become very powerful, and women have proven that they can achieve in business and finance.

However, "man jobs" are becoming obsolete.  Traditionally, the job of men has been to run the business, make a living, and support the family.  I'm not sure if you know, but I'm very involved in a software to help rabbis serve their communities, and specifically individuals better, and I can see where software is headed!  In another few years, software will be doing all the work for us!  It will do the marketing, sales, fundraising, HR, bookkeeping, clerical and legal work and make all our business decisions for us.

A dear friend of mine, Alex Tsinberg, who is now in the world of truth was in the teeth business, making implants and dentures.  He told me in the name of his teachers that a machine can never do as good a job as a person.  He had just leased a water mill for his business, which designs teeth digitally on a computer and mills artificial diamonds (zirconia) using a rocket science technology.  "This machine", he said, is proving my teachers wrong.  This can do a better job than any person. 

In the doctors office, screen by screen, computers are telling doctors and nurses what questions to ask and diagnosing problems for them. 

Has everything been solved yet? No.  But compare today's standards to just 20 years ago and imagine where we'll be in another 20 years!

By the time we finish the job, and computers are doing all the work for us, what will be left for us to do?  There's only one thing computers can't do for us:  raise our families.  Husbands need wives & children need mothers.  The nurturing of a mother is irreplaceable!

Sure a woman can do a mans job, but so can a computer.  There's only one job that is irreplaceable, not by a man and not by a computer.  Running a businesses and creating systems is becoming obsolete, while the role of women is gaining prominence.  The curse to Eve is being reversed right in front of our eyes, and I'm ready to take the back seat.


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