Why the Rebbe is alive and what he's waiting for...

Tomorrow is the 25 year anniversary of the Rebbe's passing.  The reality that Chabad has grown exponentially since his passing is unlikely, and defied the world's predictions.  To this day, many people ask why no one has replaced the Rebbe.  The obvious answer is because no one can.  But if he was a such a special man, and now he's gone, how do you explain the trajectory?  Chabad is arguably the largest and most influential Jewish movement in the world, and it continues to grow without a leader?

In my opinion, the first part of the answer is about the Rebbe himself.  On the one hand, while he has passed, he's not gone like virtually every other celebrity.  There may still be millions of Elvis Presley fans today, but Elvis is gone.  Contrast this to the 100,000 people who will be visiting the Rebbe's grave this weekend to pray and request blessings.  I am the Rebbe's employee, and I send a report every month of what I've done.  The Rebbe has his way of responding too.  His life is so real, that even death can't affect him.

The second reason I believe the Rebbe is still so relevant, is because of his empowering message.  The Rebbe's last teaching was that any person could be the one to bring Moshiach. All that person has to do is want it, for it's own sake.

As I've written before, the time period we're in now is called golus, or exile.  Golus means that things are not the way they're meant to be.  We do know how it is meant to be though.  Each of us are given a taste of good physical and mental health, marriage, relationships with our children & parents, profitable and fulfilling employment, and yet, we all know that each of these areas suffer.  Why? Because we're in golus.

The knee jerk reaction is to want an end to the suffering.  Sometimes we may want a bailout, a messiah.  Sometimes, a messiah might not be enough.  We might just prefer to die and end it all.

The Rebbe taught that Moshiach will come when we want it for it's own sake, not as a bailout.  In order for this to happen, and all it takes is one person, is to climb out of the hamster wheel and make their life "as it was meant to be."  If that one person can get their life straight, not just good enough, but straight, and wishes that perfection on the whole world, Moshiach will come.

I've been working on myself to become that person, and I know it's a long journey, but I see it getting closer.  Maybe I'll be the one.  Maybe you will.  But this is the Rebbe's message that is as true as true can be.  It's empowering.  It's real.  It's within reach.

The more I've been pushing myself to life with Moshiach, the more I've been seeing the world stage set and ready for it.  Here are some concrete areas, in which I see some of the world's biggest problems being solved.  All we have to do is pick up the tools and use them.


  • Physical Health-  This video and book cured me of tremendous back pain, and I truly believe that someday it will cure cancer, ALS and all disease.  It is about the power of the mind. 

  • Parenting & Mental HealthThis book lays out the principles for having a normal relationship with our children, and I've been fortunate enough to learn from the author.  To see the principles of the book modeled, you can watch Mr. Rogers on Amazon Prime.  It can transform your relationships!

  • #Metoo- This movement has broken the wall on ending thousands of years of sexual abuse.  I believe it is heralding in an era of transparency which will rid the world of crime.  We all know that smartphones and technology are creating a world where you can't hide anything anymore.  The previous Rebbe taught that when Moshiach comes, the fruit will remind us to make blessings before eating them.  I don't know about fruit growing mouths and talking, but I'll bet our smartphones will be reminding us.

Shabbat Shalom, 

Rabbi Abrams


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